Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Visiting friends in Scotland, that's why some people come on to Appin.

Believe it or not this is Glasgow, a lovely photograph. People come here for a conference, then spend a few days on the West coast

There has just been some research out from VisitScotland to show how different parts of the market for Scottish tourism and holidays breaks down.

I've just published a brief summary on this blog site, if you are interested. It also shows how our own cottage guests are made up.

We call it Travellers Tales of the Highlands, and the latest post is a summary of the research

Research is always notable for what they leave out, and if you don't ask the question you will not get the answer.

A huge number of first time visitors to Scotland, a critically important group, come because they are visiting friends in Edinburgh, or Aberdeen, or Stirling, or coming on business to Glasgow. Then they take the opportunity to come and see Appin, or Glencoe, or Perthshire for a few days. This determines whether they come again for a proper holiday. I know this from other research into Scottish tourism.

These visitors tend to come in the shoulder season, September or October perhaps. They stay in bed and breakfast mostly - that way

they can easily tour about from place to place.

I want to see some good VisitScotland research into first time visitors, and how many of them repeat. I want to know what they like,

what they don't like.

Nearly everyone who has stayed in our cottage has already been to Scotland before, and some are devoted to the place, as we are.

Aren't we lucky to be here?

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